Glass Heating Radiators

The company HOTGLASS Ltd. in Szczecin

Established in 2012 the main activity of the company is the production of glass heating, based on two patents and technology our product is identified as HOTGLASS. Within five years of its existence and the research carried out in different weather conditions the quality of this product has reached perfection. A completely new production technology of laminated glass also helped reduce the price of the finished product.

Czym jest HOTGLASSHOTGLASS are economic and ecological radiators that can also be used in roofing. The glass heats up evenly from the inside out, releasing heat to the environment. The heat generated is a consequence the exchange between the heater and the environment and not as is the case of similar constructions the result of infrared radiation. It has been created to provide heat for the home and office in an efficient and economical manner. Electrically powered it requires no changes to existing electrical wiring. The most important advantage of the glass heating  is energy efficiency. Hotglass is able to  provide rapid heating of the glass and the passing of heat into the room without current consumption after intial heating of the radiator.

HOTGLASS can be used in all types of windows. HOTGLASS will keep the temperature inside the building and eliminate the condensation of water vapor. Can be used both in residential and industrial buildings. Thanks to this technology, you can have the fantastic look and economical benefits with HOTGLASS.

You can watch the HOTGLASS product as shown on GOOD MORNING TVN by accessing the below link.

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