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Comparing HOTGLASS to warm glass from other manufacturers.

Porównanie szkłaGlass Comparison – Why Hotglass is unique compared to other manufacturers?

– The only manufacturer to have achieved, regardless of the surface of the glass a power of 1750W starting from 0.5m2. Thanks to this we are able to get to a temperature of 70 ° C within 1.5 minutes. We adjust the temperature according to the specific destination.

– Is 70 ° C needed for roof windows?

– 70 ° C is the temperature used in our radiators for central heating. In the case of roof window packages, we propose an ON-OFF 40-50 ° C solution. This is the most economical and efficient solution and the fastest solution to the problem of snow drifts and freezing on the roof window.

– 1750W is high power and high power consumption?

– High power is an advantage because in a short time we get the max temperature. Glass is a good heat accumulator and slowly returns the accumulated energy to the environment. In practice the window depending on the ambient conditions, draws electricity within 30-45 seconds and returns heat without any power for 6-8 minutes. This is a huge economic aspect that is only achievable at high power and high temperatures.

– Do we have to support the power throughout the winter?

– We can only use the boiler pack only if it is snowing and freezing for a short time to melt it. We can also use the window to heat the room. First of all, the heat accumulated in the room does not escape outside, encountering the warm air contained in the composite pack. Secondly, the glass itself emits heat in the room and at 40-50 ° C does not produce condensation.

– And what about safety – we have a window connected to 230V?

– Hotglass has developed a socket-plug system integrated into the window frame and window sash. When the window is opened, the current is cut off. An additional security element mounted in the upper part of the window is closed and enclosed “end”. In the event of a charge, it will be stored in a “tip” to protect the window against fire hazard. As a manufacturer we are committed to improving the safety of our products. We are open for cooperation and we will be grateful for any comments you may have regarding our products.

– It all looks like a new product for new times …

– That’s right. As the only manufacturer we have such high heating power and we set new directions in the technology of warm glass. In our case, we can talk about heating glass and solve any technical and adjustment problems of our product. That is why our hot glass is defined in the market as are our windows in the roof windows. As a producer, I appreciate technical considerations and we can take them into consideration and deal with them in the right way. The company also employs top-class Polish electronics.

Dr. Artur Grigoryan 

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