HOTGLASS heating glass is an innovation in the world market. In order to achieve such results in heating and savings we needed a long-term goal to work on the technology of laminated glass PVB alone. We can produce safety glass, anti-burglar, bulletproof glass from 10x10cm to 6×3.m based on float glass and PVB film without an autoclave, so without the excessive costs, HOTGLASS heating glass of the same size as above can heat up from + 30ºC to + 70ºC and power from 150W to 10Kw on one surface of the heating glass. Eliminating the autoclave for laminated glass production without the need to dry PVB film and store it under special conditions does not require a large surface plant to significantly improve the quality of the product and of course has an impact on lowering the price of the product. In order to achieve such results, many years of work, experience and money were needed. We are now able to boast of a true NEW innovation in laminated glass based on all types of glass and PVB film without the use of an autoclave. This production method allowed us to perform tests on the Sentry Glas film obtained from DU PONT using hardened double-sided glass. The production technology allows for customization of up to three hours in individual orders for customer needs.

HOTGLASS products meet EU

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