A new dimension in central heating

The company HOTGLASS Ltd.Szczecin in September 2011 at the International Fair of Szczecin was presented as a producer of a new solution for home heating. We received a gold medal in the competition “awarded product” for product innovation.

The press has defined our product as a hit in 2012 on TVN Turbo and in the program “Good morning TVN” showed it as an innovation on the world market.

The new product is an electric heater glass – energy-saving, anti-allergy all in one design. It gives countless opportunities for solutions architects in the design of apartments, houses, offices and winter gardens, interior architects in the design of the rooms as well as manufacturers of windows and roof windows.

The heater is made of two glass panes. With this construction, the whole unit is completely transparent and safe to use.

A new dimension in central heatingPlugged in to 230 V it heats up from 30 ° C to 70 ° C. Operating, a temperature regulator is mounted on the edge of the radiator.The heating power of the glass is dependent on the glass size, it can be used on glass from 0.5 m square from 300 W to 1500W and allows for uniform heating of the whole sheet heater 3,5min over 1.5, depending on the power. For the next 6-8 minutes, it releases the heat into the room without anymore current consumption. Calculations show that the heater at full operating / non stop / current consumption is approx. 7.5 min and gives off heat without power consumption by approx. 52.5 min. per hour. With such the heater average power consumption is 226 W / hr. This is its huge saving electricity.

When we hear about the heating “current” we feel the fear of the high charges for electricity. In the case of our heating system it does not justify it. Installing radiators Hotglass does not require any additional costs associated with equipment.

No other company produces a warm glass today that allow for a full heating of your home. Sizes of radiators for heating can be adjusted exactly to the size of the room and does not require special electrical wiring. This product is absolutely eco-friendly and has no health hazards

Additional features of HOTGLASS

In the case of conventional heating systems when these C.O. – Gas / oil / coal –  first heats the water, which heats metal radiators, only then starts heating the air. Time heating radiators lasts approx. 1 hour. Our radiators heat up in approximately 5 -7 minutes, heating of the air begins almost immediately after turning the thermostat and regulating the temperature. It is unmatched convenience in use.

High power heater, 1700, at the same time a large heating surface makes the heater draw current for a short period and gives off heat without current consumption of just over 52.5 minutes per hour. So we can say that this is the cheapest heating. Normal underfloor heating systems have warm air rising up from the floor along with dust which is bad for health can can not be seen which is not in the interest of allergy sufferres. Our warm windows can be washed with ordinary window cleaner and the smooth surface of the glass does not attract dust. So we can talk about our radiator that it is non-allergenic.

In addition to the technical advantages we speak of there are great possibilities for design. Our innovative production technology allows for an unlimited variety of designs and a diverse use of the glass, for example mirrors on the glass, we can also place an image according to the client’s taste. All products can be in any color transparent or opaque. We can use hot radiators as wall partitions between two rooms, etc.
Our glass heating may also be used in windows, roof windows, glass in winter gardens  in order to melt snow and maintaining the temperature of the room, the windows are always warm to the touch. The greatest loss of heat energy are windows. Window manufacturers use different types of low-E glass, one, two, three-chamber, which with the participation of solar radiation only reduce the permeability of heat from the room. When using low-emission glass sun’s rays (ultraviolet, infrared) penetrate into the room and also in some way inhibit the flow of heat to the outside. Using our warm glass, composed which is also one of the glass is low-carbon, maintain the heat transfer coefficient of 0.9 -1.0 K for the period without current consumption, however, during the winter of our windshield warming regardless of time of day or night, and if the outside is sunny or not, they have nothing to do with the K-factor, because they have a higher temperature than body temperature.

Window glass warming has the power of 1700 W from 0.5 m2 AC power 230V, does not require a transformer. The glass heats up mode ON + 30 ° C and + 50 ° C OFF On the basis of this technology and the possibilities started to produce completely innovative packages of heating glass units for use in windows, doors and roof windows. The package includes one glass is warming, safe P2 g.8,6 mm from the sensor temperature control + spacer frame 12 mm + 4 mm float glass. Total package has a minimum g.24 mm.

Applied warm glass in the windows completely inhibit the winter flow of heat from the room and additionally warm the them. Such a package maintains the temperature of + 30 ° C ON and OFF + 50 ° C, even at – 30 ° C outside. This type of glazing of windows, doors and skylights have already found interest from manufacturers of windows. The buyers are window manufacturers in the Nordic countries and southern Europe. Currently, in cooperation with the manufacturer of wooden window frames are preparing for the joint production of windows and soon our joint product will go on sale on the European market under the name HOTGLASS +

We have a declaration of conformity to PN-EN 60730-2-9: 2011 for HOTGLASS P.H.P.U.AS 1000 Certificate No. 1117 CE marked since 24.10.2011.


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