Example Dimensions

Price € heaters glass HOTGLASS

thickness heaters 8,8 mm. temp. heating from + 45ºC to +70ºC

Lp.Assortmentsizeprice netto weightWatt
1.radiator HOTGLASS P60 x 28 cm---
2.radiator HOTGLASS60 x 40 cm-6 kg600 W
3.radiator HOTGLASS100 x 50 cm-10 kg560/1500 W
4.radiator HOTGLASS100 x 60 cm-12 kg890/1800 W
5.radiator HOTGLASS120 x 80 cm-14 kg530/1700 W
6.radiator HOTGLASS110 x 60 cm-15 kg480/1500 W
7.radiator HOTGLASS110 x 70 cm--16 kg540/1750 W
8.radiator HOTGLASS110 x 80 cm-17 kg480/1500 W
9.radiator HOTGLASS partition wall
200 x 100 cm-43 kg2000 W
10.max size300 x 200 cm-130 kg6 Kw

„In the summer time from 20/07 to 20/08 price netto should be taken how price of brutto(summer promotion)”

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