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HOTGLASS heating glass is made of two sheets of glass laminated PVB foil. Thanks to this construction, the glass is completely transparent and safe to use. The glass heats with 230V power supply in the European system and 110V in the American system. Thanks to the production flexibility from sizes 50x100cm to 200x300cm, and the ability to adjust the power from 300W to 10kW HOTGLASS heating glass can be adapted to each customer’s needs.


TechnologiaTechnology. Starting at a size of 50 × 100 cm, the heating glass reaches 1700W. The average hourly power consumption when using this size of glass, reaching the temperature of +70 ° C, is 180-220W, depending on the ambient conditions. The work cycle is based on the principle of ON + 45 ° C to OFF + 70 ° C. The advantage is the large power thanks to which the glass pane heats up quickly, and then goes to a standstill without power consumption.

Insulated glass

The working temperature can be adapted to individual needs. Insulated glass in Hotglass technology is glazing of swimming pools, building facades, flat roofs that melt snow in winter. A IG unit with HOTGLASS technology means no condensation on the glass.

Production possibilities from safety glass to bullet-proof and anti-explosive.

Specialist use

HOTGLASS heating glasses are also used as safety glazing for visibility in frost and snow conditions. In cryochambers as anti-frosted glass, also as windshield in ships, ships, trains, etc.

The HOTGLASS technology gives a new look at glass in construction – an article

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